It really is time to shake the lockdown blues away! We might not be able to go dashing around socializing just yet, but a little bit of self-pampering and retail therapy can go a long way.

Last night, I decided to indulge in just that, I bought myself a facial mask along with an all-round scrub for body and hair. I then washed down in the shower and took to a solitary and sedate soak in the bath, with bubbles and a glass of my favorite tipple. The music was playing in the background and the cares of this world just disappeared… After a few minutes, I got bored so I read some Jeeves and Wooster (if you’ve not tried it, then give your literary taste buds a favor and sample it – even on an audiobook – as such it is music to the ears and is sure to delight your soul!)

After about forty minutes of this divine pampering I was ready to relaunch and felt invigorated.

Of course, the face looked better; pores were spotlessly expunged, refreshed and my old-bod wasn’t looking too bad either; even if I say so myself…

I must have done something right, as the other half was complimentary too and decided she needed some of this luxury and asked me to buy her some of the same – and in the spirit of the whole Easter vibe and the need for rebirth out of the dreary blues of the past twelve month – I thought I’d share with just those few of you who frequent this site 😉

100% Vegan Powder Face Masks (Turmeric & Activated Charcoal) along with my current go-to favorite Eye Mask with HydroGel by BLAQ.

However, if I were you, I’d hurry before my other-half and myself clear out the stores!

Happy Easter folks!

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