Everyone wants to look at their best, but the wear-and-tear of modern 21st Century living can give our skin a tough time. Anyone who has had to commute on the London Underground or the Paris metro will tell you it isn’t the most conducive to the skin, especially in the sweaty sizzling (and smelly) summer.

For those with sensitive skin, there is the added worry of skincare products that could cause irritation on some level.

Further, people are often concerned about using products that have an environmental impact – we have all seen the stories of forests cut down for the growing of aloe vera and the like, or microbeads of plastic in the food chain.

Activated Charcoal provides something genuinely different. It’s natural, less likely to be an irritant and it is often made from coconut husks – so natural.

Activated Charcoal is charcoal that has been made at extremely high temperatures (i.e., 1000°C) and combined with oxygen to force the pores of the charcoal to be enlarged – which in turn allows these pores to capture bacteria and toxins like a magnet.

So which skin types can it help?
In short response, all of them! Let me explain:-

Sensitive Skin
Living with sensitive skin can be a challenging experience to say the least – what will work and what is likely to cause more or heightened irritation? Whether your suffering from rosacea or eczema, activated charcoal could potentially help!

I personally have sensitive skin, and the list of things I personally have to avoid is quite significant – but when I first tried an activated charcoal skin mask, I first tested on my arm – no issues, so I then tried it on my face – still no problem. I washed it off and I left it for a few hours – still no problem. With a sense of foreboding, I applied it to my face, followed the instructions and I was genuinely delighted! No irritations, just very clear and clean skin. It removed a few blackheads too, so I had nothing at all to complain about – just a little annoyed I’d not tried it sooner.

Oily Skin
Caused by the skins over-production of sebum, oily skin can come with its own issues.

Charcoal can remove the excess oil and remove pimples and blackheads fast! Whether its a activated charcoal nose strip, facial scrub or a face mask it will certainly make a difference. As it is natural, there are no known issues with daily regular usage as part of your beauty regime.

Dry Skin
As Activated Charcoal is packed to the brim with antioxidants and is a superb exfoliant – it is a tour-de-force in removing bacteria from the skin and cleans skin deep as well as removing dead skin cells including for those with dry skin. Because it is a natural product, it does all of this without removing the bodies own natural moisture. Charcoal soap is excellent for those with psoriasis and eczema. However, it is best to use it sparingly at first to see how you get on with it.

Combination Skin
When I say combination, I mean a combination of oily and dry patches. A lot of people are in this category. They usually have oily skin around the forehead, nose and chin and dry around the cheeks or areas to the side of the forehead – everyone is slightly different.

  • DEEP FACIAL EXFOLIATION & CLEANSING: Bamboo Charcoal infused sponges effectively unclogs pores along with excess oil and dirt. Very effective in reducing acne prone skin and breakouts. Safe for daily usage resulting in smoother silkier body & skin.
  • KONJAC ROOT HEALING: Natural and proven over 100’s of years to detoxify and restore vitality with routine use. Excellent at eliminating body impurities and refining facial complexion.
  • LESS CLEANSER NEEDED: You’ll be pleasantly surprised how effective just the konjac sponge and water is for deep facial and body cleaning. The rubbery texture of the root generates more foam thus reducing the need for more cleanser.

With the use of a charcoal face product to the chin, nose and forehead, you should see and feel a noticeable to the skin for the better – of course just make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions.

Normal Skin
You’re in for a treat for your skin! Exfoliating, cleansing and excellent for the removal of dirt and residue; caused by 21st Century living.

In conclusion…
All skin types can benefit from products with activated charcoal. People with Dry Skin as well as those with Sensitive Skin need to test it out first, leave it for a few hours and check how the skin has reacted. For those without any issues, you are never going back to previous methods of healthcare – activated charcoal is here to stay.

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