My Dad used to say that my Mum treated him like a god; she always served him burnt food! Of course, he was teasing – but could black food be good for mere mortals like us?

Scan the internet and there is a serious trend sweeping fellow foodies who want to push the boundaries of healthy eating with something different away from the same routine – charcoal ice cream cones, croissants, pastries even – heaven forbid hamburger buns (which look strangely more appetising with a vegan burger) are all the rage.

The dark hues are not the product of a guilty conscious wanting to ask for a favour from the gods having been thrown onto the fires of the temple of healthy eating, but instead activated charcoal, in small amounts to change the colour to black.

Black food isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it does make interesting conversation – but could it have health benefits? Well certainly in such small amounts it is hardly going to cause harm, but could aid in clearing out of oxidants. All that being said, drinking a smoothie or lemonade with charcoal in is not as bad as it sounds and is rather satisfying.

Hot on the list is something which is almost a gift from the flames of the temple – Black Ice Cream with blackberries, which is exquisite and oddly indulgent with an extra twist in the taste, we even have activated charcoal with chocolate! Well the only thing better than chocolate, is more chocolate! Now even my Mum would agree to that – even if her taste in gods was a little suspect.

  • Derived from organic coconut husks.
  • Use as a detox in drinks and juices (No odour or taste).
  • Make charcoal ice cream
  • Use to make charcoal crackers or bread as an accompaniment to cheese
  • Add to give a dramatic colour effect
  • Use as a digestive aid and to reduce Cholesterol
  • Ultra Fine Premium Quality Food Grade Powder

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